Our Financial Assistants will see you now

Chatbots can’t help when a parent ruins a child’s credit or when an employee can’t pay to fix their car. Real problems require real solutions — from real people.

We enable real change with real people

Brightside’s Financial Assistants use a robust behavioral science framework that provides support to working families to fundamentally change their approach to personal finances.

Establishing trust

Your employees need a welcoming, safe, and judgment-free environment to build the sort of trusting relationships that support real financial wellbeing. We provide this through:

Timely responses and kept promises
Protected privacy and preparedness
Personalized, professional, and personable communications

Assessing the situation

Active listening and analysis require purposeful questions to assess the person’s needs, expectations, and overall financial situation. We do this through:

Identifying deadlines and expectations
Understanding goals and needs
Expanding the conversation with opportunities

Relieving financial stress

A full 72% of all stress is money-related. This prevents people from becoming healthier, more productive, and more resilient. We address this through:
Customized options for unique situations
Promoting positive financial behaviors by explaining trade-offs
Referrals to employer programs and benefits like EAPs, legal, and more

Investing in the employee’s future

Once we’ve helped someone navigate their immediate needs, it’s time to focus on the future by setting clear expectations and supporting their progress toward meeting their needs and achieving their goals. We do this through:

Using positive forward thinking to encourage progress

Written recaps and next steps after phone calls as appropriate

Asking for feedback and setting follow-up tasks based on set promises

Now that you know the people, see the product.

We find customized solutions for your employees’ needs — all with aligned incentives and transparent costs.

Your people should talk with our people.

If you’re ready to go from financial wellbeing to financial care, let’s talk.