By design, your employees’ needs always come first.

We don’t receive any kickbacks from loans or other financial solutions. This keeps our incentives completely aligned with the people we serve. In fact, we pass any referral bonuses onto your employee. We call that a KickForward™.

We help your people thrive with personalized financial solutions.

Financial care means meeting people no matter where they are on their financial journey and providing real help for everything from sudden emergencies to long-term planning.

Emergencies and savings

When a person can’t cover basic needs like rent, the focus has to be on immediate relief. Brightside’s Financial Assistants provide emergency support like:

Emergency assistance programs

Low-interest loans and credit building
Establishing emergency savings

Insurance and preparedness

When the basics are covered but clients need insurance against emergencies large and small, we meet them where they are with assistance navigating financial products like:
Life insurance
Renters’ and homeowners’ insurance
Catastrophic protection

Optimizations and opportunities

When clients feel secure enough to plan for the future, our financial assistants can help them create goals, build savings, and preserve their capital with more sophisticated products such as:
Retirement planning
College savings

Tax planning

We’re ready to help your people become financially healthy.

Our decades of combined experience and cutting-edge technology allow us to take your workforce beyond financial wellness and into real financial care.

Brightside has the platform for you and your employees.

If you’re ready for technology that puts people at the center, let’s talk.