Technology empowers financial care, but it can’t replace it.

Instead of automating away the most important relationship between a client and their Financial Assistant, our technology platform simplifies things to make that relationship better to help them achieve true financial wellness.

We’re human-centric in everything we do.

Our Financial Assistants use automated tools to help streamline decision-making so they can focus on people instead of processes.

Payroll integration

You and your employees have enough to worry about without trying to navigate a dozen point solutions. So, we make it easy to implement Brightside. With a standard eligibility feed and a simple connection to payroll, you have a secure, holistic financial service you can trust.

Simplified information gathering

Brightside clients never have to retell their story when they talk to their Financial Assistants. Our custom CRM surfaces all relevant client info while enabling conversation and planning through the client’s preferred channel. Conversations are fast, engaging, and effective.

Rules-based decision-making

As helpful as automated systems can be, core decision-making should always be human. That’s why we document follow-up tasks based on expectations set with the client, determine personalized solutions based on each person’s specific needs, and fast-track emergency solutions.

Now that you know the product, see the platform.

You’ve seen that we can help anyone solve their financial needs. Now, learn how we deliver that personalized touch at a scale that can transform entire populations.

Brightside puts your employees first, by design.

Traditional financial institutions aren’t aligned with your employees’ best interests. We are.