Our mission is to improve the financial health of working families.

We believe traditional financial institutions don’t have real solutions for employees’ financial sickness. We decided to fix that.

Real help for real hope

Everyone needs help with their money, whether they have a 401(k) or four late bills to pay. Yet getting help with the everyday details amid life’s challenges isn’t easy. Traditional institutions won’t cut it: They lack the incentives, engagement, and a personal touch, serving only the financially healthy while leaving employers blind to the data, visibility, and context needed to truly solve employees’ problems. But we believe financially healthy people result in financially healthy businesses.

That’s why we created Brightside, a financial care solution that actually improves the financial health of working families. Our human financial assistants use technology to listen and resolve the unique, personal needs of workers, from emergency care like loans and late bills to budgeting, credit, and retirement planning. Most of all, we fight for families today so they can thrive tomorrow.

Our Story

Brightside was the idea of the late Shawn Leavitt, an innovator in employer benefits who passed away suddenly in March 2020. Studying the tremendous cost of financial stress, he knew that the data he was seeing on the increased healthcare costs, lost workdays, and lost productivity driven by financial stress was just part of the story. He knew from his own experiences the personal stories that were behind that data.

Today, we are carrying on Shawn’s vision by partnering with innovative employers to give families the financial care they need.

Meet our leadership

Scott Beeber

Head of Sales

Daniel Chen

Head of Business Development

Jacky Chiu

CTO & Co-founder

Tom Crowley

Head of Finance

Lucy English, Ph.D.

Head of Measurement

John Geiger

Head of Customer Success

Roberta Greenberg

Head of Talent

Callum King

President & Co-founder

Sophie Raseman

Head of Financial Solutions

Tom Spann​

CEO & Co-founder

Petrina Thompson

Head of Client Services

Meet our board of directors

Alex Rampell

Andreessen Horowitz

Schwark Satyavolu

Trinity Ventures

Tom Spann

CEO & Co-founder

Callum King

President & Co-founder

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