How Amazon Supports Frontline Employees’ Financial Health

Frontline worker struggling with car repairs needed to get to work

When Amazon’s team asked employees about their perceived value of a range of different potential benefits, it learned that its frontline employees wanted financial benefits that could help with basic financial needs such as groceries, medications, and electrical bills. “Those financial benefits just kept coming to the top of our employee want list,” said Justin Roberts, Amazon’s […]

5 Facts Employers Should Know About Frontline Employees

Frontline workers meet with their supervisor in a distribution center

1. Frontline workers are struggling financially Financial Health Network’s data indicates that 30% of Americans overall are considered financially healthy based on eight different financial health measures; the figure dips to 13% when looking specifically at frontline employees. While 25% of frontline workers are considered financially vulnerable, that’s true of just 17% of the broader […]

Do You Need a Frontline Financial Health Strategy?

9 webinar takeaways on frontline employee financial health from Amazon, Financial Health Network, Mercer and Brightside

Do you need a frontline financial health strategy? That was the topic of our thought-provoking webinar held with our panel of experts from Amazon, Financial Health Network, Mercer, and Brightside.  Here are nine key takeaways they discussed that every employer with a frontline workforce needs to know. Click here to watch the full on-demand webinar. […]