Financial Care:
The biggest change to employee benefits since weekends

Financial health underpins every aspect of employee wellbeing and productivity. Unfortunately, financial wellness solutions have fallen far short. Brightside’s comprehensive financial care model changes that.

Employee financial stress is holding back your business

For a 10,000-employee company, the lost productivity due to financial stress costs about

$19 million per year.

Source: John Hancock Financial Stress Whitepaper, 2020

Here's how we fix that.

This is financial care.

Brightside is the first and only comprehensive financial care solution. For employers, that means no more point solutions or complex integrations. For employees? On-demand access to financial experts and real solutions. This changes everything.


To a chatbot, debt looks like debt. To a human, it can look like someone who missed work because their car broke down, or like someone who fell victim to identity theft. Brightside’s expert Financial Assistants are real humans who can help your employees navigate real life.


Technology can’t replace humans, but it can help them accomplish more. Our Brightside app and integrated solutions let us provide more effective, customized support to more working families, around the clock.


Some employees want retirement replanning, while others need emergency help to make rent. We have the product and partnerships to create the best solutions for each employee. Oh, and we don’t do kickbacks. We pass any referral fees we receive from our partners onto your employees.

This is what financial care means

Who we serve

Brightside reduces costs from financial stress.

Brightside helps families save money.

“Brightside makes it so easy to manage my money and bills. They have taken the time to help me make calls that I was too overwhelmed to make. I finally feel like I am managing my money instead of it managing me.”

“Brightside literally saved me from bankruptcy. The best benefit my employer has!”

“You have no idea what this means to me. I appreciate you and the time you have put into looking at ways to help me in my situation. I can’t stress enough just how thankful I am.”

Our mission is to improve the lives of working families.

We have decades of combined experience in employee benefits, from fintech and healthcare startups to public companies and government agencies.

Fix their finances — fix your finances.

We believe employers are uniquely qualified and motivated to address employees’ financial health. Do you agree? Let’s talk.