Finally, a complete solution for employee financial care

Why help your employees get more from each paycheck? Because it's great for them and results in lower health care costs and higher productivity for you.

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Holistic and personalized

Brightside has everything you need to provide safe and effective financial care

Expert human navigation
Technology that makes it easy. For them. For you.
A network of financial solutions better than what employees can get on their own
The Problem

Working families are financially sick

And nobody is on their side — working families lose billions of their annual pay to fees and interest and a quarter of Americans are unbanked or underbanked.
are not financially healthy 1
have a financial shock every year 2
feel like they live paycheck to paycheck 3

Employers are frustrated with the options they've had until now

Financial wellness
Financial planning and coaching services don’t get meaningful engagement because they don’t offer real solutions for families working paycheck to paycheck.
Standalone financial “treatments”
Individual solutions are unsafe. The right answer for an employee’s student loans depends on the rest of their financial picture. Pay advances are pain relief, but may make the financial condition worse.
Why Brightside?

Brightside is the only holistic solution for the financial care of your employees

Knowledgeable people on your side

Every employee gets a dedicated Financial Assistant who knows them and listens without judgment. Someone who understands the complexity of each situation and navigates the family to the best options. Personalized financial expertise shouldn’t require a minimum balance.

Technology that makes it easy

We personalize our service to the unique needs of each person and make it easy for them to take the right next steps, utilizing behavioral science and automating good behavior. And with one simple connection to the paycheck, you have a service that you can trust without integrating dozens of point solutions on your own.

The best options, every time

We do the shopping, so we always put the best options in front of your employees. And with partner products paid from the paycheck, we can offer solutions that employees and their families cannot get anywhere else. Brightside doesn’t make any money off of financial products, so you and your employees can trust us to be on their side. Any dollar received through referral bonuses is given to the employee. That's our KickForward™

The Brightside difference
We do what the others don’t
Does your lender find better options in employer benefits, government benefits, or community services?
Does your financial coach call the car repair shop to get your car out and save you $4,500?
Does your banking app let you know when your credit score has improved and you can refinance debt now?
Of course not. They weren’t built to do that.
We were.
Don't just take our word for it

Employers & employees love us!

Average Savings
Net Promoter Score
“Now that my credit score just moved into the 'excellent' margin, I get to refinance my car loans for a lower rate and get a breathing room in my budget.”
Mike S.
Brightside found $253 in savings per month by looking into Mike's utility bills and car loan payments.
“I'm on track to end my garnishments in a month. It feels so much better. Thank you so much for helping me figure this out!”
Anthony R.
We helped stop wage garnishments on Anthony's student loans.

It’s time to tackle your biggest healthcare issue

Poor financial health raises healthcare costs
It contributes to stress, which in turn is the cause of 75-90% of doctor visits and is the condition treated by 7 of the 10 top-selling pharmaceuticals
It is the biggest barrier to getting the right care at the right time: 40% of Americans skip doctor visits each year for financial reasons, in addition to skipping scheduled procedures and prescribed medications.
Financial health is the biggest predictor of life expectancy and is responsible for 4.5% of all deaths in the US. So it’s not surprising that one major benefits consultant estimated it was driving 11% of a jumbo employer’s healthcare costs.
Improving it helps everyone be more productive
Employers lose 12-42 days of work per employee per year to financial stress. And that doesn’t count the secondary effects of relationship issues and domestic violence. Poor financial health also disproportionately harms women and minorities, which is why providing the best Financial Care is critical to improving inclusion and diversity in your workforce.

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