Reduce turnover 41% with financial care

When employees love their benefits, they want to stick around. Employees who engage with Brightside are 41% less likely to leave, according to our research. Imagine the impact: SHRM estimates the cost of replacing an employee to be over 50% of their salary!

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Read a study on financial care and stress amid the Great Resignation.

Chris's Story

Chris was newly-divorced, wrestling with a wage garnishment and revolving debt, and had started looking for a different job to help him get out of his financial hole. Brightside worked with Chris on a plan to restructure his debt and create a $500 savings cushion with a Brightside savings account, which allowed him to stay at his current employer.

“Being able to go out and do things with someone I care about makes me feel normal again. And I can’t put a price on that.”

Chris, a Brightside User

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