Brightside KickForward™

Delivering unbiased financial solutions for employees

What is a KickForward™?

Unlike financial services companies, Brightside doesn’t make any money from consumers on financial products such as loans or interest on savings. This helps us always stay on the side of the consumer and focus on the best options for them.

Solutions based on needs

Brightside services analyze the pros and cons of each financial solution based on the unique needs and the financial situation of the employee. Financial Assistants are 100% aligned with the consumer to create the biggest positive impact on their finances.

Referral fees from partners are passed to consumers

Financial Assistants help employees refinance and pay off debt through partner financial products, and any dollar received through referral fees on financial products are passed into a savings account of the employee. This ensures that Brightside services are always unbiased, and financial solutions are always designed to maximize the dollar impact for the employee.