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It should be clear by now that benefits like healthcare and even employer-matched retirement plans don’t benefit all employees equally. Historical wealth disparities, magnified by the pandemic, have left a greater need than ever to address financial health and offer support on that front. But beyond a clear ROI, providing financial care supports DEI initiatives across the board. In fact, financial wellbeing is so intertwined with these issues, implementing a DEI strategy that doesn’t include holistic financial care solutions will struggle to make any impact at all.

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Watch Brightside CEO, Tom Spann, discuss the impact of financial health on DEI at the The Conference Board’s 2021 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Conference.


Learn how Financial health is inextricably connected to DEI issues. From racial wealth gaps to lack of access to financial services to structural inequalities that have prevented minority and marginalized populations from traditional routes to wealth.

Carmen's Story

Carmen and her husband were saving up $6,000 for their son’s immigration costs but Carmen had trouble sticking to a savings plan. She admitted to having a spending problem and used shopping as a way to cope with anxiety. She had taken on a part time job to pay down her credit card debt of $3,000 but when her car broke down, she did not know what options she had to pay for the repairs.

“10/10 for the way they treated me as a client and the clarity in the information they provide.”

Carmen, a Brightside User

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