Why Financial Care is Critical to 401(k) Success

Shot of a young woman using a laptop to her employee benefit Brightside Financial Care

In 2022, Americans’ financial health declined for the first time in five years. Today, seven out of 10 Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Nearly half of Americans who earn $100,000+ a year live paycheck to paycheck, too. Their financial challenges aren’t due to a lack of employer concern for their financial wellbeing. (In fact, 97% […]

Secure 2.0: Here’s How Employers Can Choose the Best Workplace Savings Approach for Employees

Female truck driver enjoying financial health with support of a workplace savings account

Note: A version of this post originally published in BenefitsPro on January 19, 2023. It is reprinted with permission from BenefitsPro. Key takeaways The Secure 2.0 retirement law introduces a new workplace emergency saving option to an already confusing landscape of approaches, from savings coaching to workplace savings accounts. Workplace savings programs need real solutions to […]