Beyond Financial Wellness: Financial Care for Frontline Workers

If you’re using financial wellness benefits to support your frontline workers, are you seeing any improvements in their financial situations? Most employers don’t – but it’s not their fault. These benefits aren’t designed to address this financially vulnerable group’s financial struggles, let alone improve their financial health. Brightside CEO and Co-founder Tom Spann and Amazon […]

10 Reasons Why Typical Financial Wellness Strategies Don’t Work for Frontline Employees

Two frontline employees working in a fulfillment center

Frontline workers have different needs and barriers to achieving financial health and resilience. These are also the employees driving the most organizational cost in terms of turnover, healthcare utilization, missed work, and more.  When you offer a solution specifically designed to improve frontline financial health, your employees’ financial lives improve, and you’ll see it reflected […]

How is Brightside Financial Care Different from Financial Education?

Finances are the leading cause of employee stress, and it costs both employees and employers. While financial illiteracy can contribute to financial stress, it isn’t the only issue at play – and it’s not the root cause.  In fact, research shows that one-size-fits-all financial education only correlates to a 0.1% in behavior change.  To improve […]

The 2 Sneaky Ways Biased Business Models Hurt Employees

As a benefits leader, you’re in the business of expecting the best from people. But, as the saying goes: Expect the best, and prepare for the worst. During benefits buying season, that means getting prepared for the rock would-be point solutions vendors don’t want you to look under: where they have conflicts of interest with […]

How Overlooking Female Caregivers is Costing Employers

Overlooking the unique financial needs of female caregivers costs employers more than they realize.

The trouble facing Americas’ (disproportionately female) caregivers is in the news: From careworker shortages to the rise of workers who support both children and aging parents. And that spells trouble for their employers: Lower retention and productivity, as well as DEI setbacks. Employers have increasingly stepped up to the plate with solutions like remote work […]

Do You Have a Dangerously Outdated Employee Benefits Strategy?

Employee turnover is one of the biggest dangers of clinging to an outdated employee benefits strategy

The paradigm shift is already here: Inflation, rising interest rates, and a possible recession. For employers, these require decisive action to ensure that employee benefits remain competitive, relevant–and delivering ROI. In fact, 95% of business and HR leaders who responded to The Future of Benefits Report 2023 are recalibrating their benefits strategy this year. What’s […]

Pay Periods May Go Extinct. What Employers Need to Know to Avert Disaster

Traditional weekly or bi-weekly pay periods becoming extinct in exchange for daily pay and early wage access

Key takeways The longstanding practice of weekly or biweekly payrolls is giving way to a new normal: daily pay. Growth was slow and then fast. It is underappreciated how fast this change is coming for frontline workers.  The periodic paycheck is unraveling due to new technology, employer awareness, and widespread financial stress.  This change has […]

What Employers Can Do to Fight Back Against Banking Junk Fees

Employers can prevent bank junk fees from harming employee financial health with Financial Care

This article was originally published in HR Daily Advisor on May 10, 2023. Key takeaways Bank junk fees are essentially a tax that transfers from your employees’ paychecks directly into the banks’ pockets. Employers are particularly well positioned to fight back on banking junk fees: Offer a free, no surprises bank account Pre-empt payday loans and […]