The 2 Sneaky Ways Biased Business Models Hurt Employees

As a benefits leader, you’re in the business of expecting the best from people. But, as the saying goes: Expect the best, and prepare for the worst. During benefits buying season, that means getting prepared for the rock would-be point solutions vendors don’t want you to look under: where they have conflicts of interest with […]

Do You Have a Dangerously Outdated Employee Benefits Strategy?

Employee turnover is one of the biggest dangers of clinging to an outdated employee benefits strategy

The paradigm shift is already here: Inflation, rising interest rates, and a possible recession. For employers, these require decisive action to ensure that employee benefits remain competitive, relevant–and delivering ROI. In fact, 95% of business and HR leaders who responded to The Future of Benefits Report 2023 are recalibrating their benefits strategy this year. What’s […]

These 4 Trends Will Define the Future of Employee Benefits

The four trends that will define the future of employee benefits

Note: This post originally published in Fast Company on January 4, 2023.  As record inflation continues, evictions pile up, healthcare costs continue to rise, layoffs hit the tech and other industries hard, and the pause on student loan repayment is about to expire, many Americans are struggling financially. As many as seven in 10 may […]