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Financial strain is the single most important factor in making healthcare decisions for low-income individuals, according to a study at UT Southwestern Medical Center. In fact, if financially strained individuals utilized healthcare at the rate of the most affluent, overall spending could decrease by as much as 30% according to Richard Cooper, MD.

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Listen to Brightside CEO Tom Spann and Senator Bill Frist discuss the links between financial health and healthcare.

Sandra's Story

Sandra was a single mom. One of her children was often sick and had asthma. She herself had a respiratory issue and had recently injured her wrist. She was also recently sued for $4,800 for a car she was renting and was stressed about past due medical bills and keeping up with continued healthcare cost.

“I’m just trying to stay positive and just praying everything works out in my favor. And again thank you Jamie for everything, you are a true angel.”

Sandra, a Brightside User

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