Money on your mind?

Brightside is your Financial Care benefit brought to you by your employer. Get free, personalized financial support–at no cost to you! Connect with your Financial Assistant (a real person) who can provide help for all of your money needs–by phone or secure chat.

Any information you share is kept completely confidential. All adult members of your household have unlimited, free access to Brightside too!

Brightside can help you with:

Debt Management

Get out of debt faster and save money by refinancing or renegotiating what you owe, improving your credit score, or prioritizing bills

Accessing Resources

Gain access to local resources and find the best options for cash in an emergency, even if you have a low credit score


Increase savings for emergencies and major purchases like a car or home

Spending Plans

Discuss everyday expenses and find ways to make your money go further

Much More

Discuss any financial need, including student loans and retirement, to make your money work for you

To get started, just click below or call 855-595-1730 (Weekdays, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET)

Watch the video above to see how Brightside works.